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Welcome to this year's selection of Activities and Events hosted by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. We have a variety of exciting activities where you can explore the National Park and appreciate its wildlife, landscape, history and culture. Our programme tries to offer something for everyone so use the search facility to find something to suit you.

You can also view our events in Coast to Coast.

Ref EventLocationTimeDate 
7807 Experience the Iron Age  Castell Henllys11:0030 March
7808 Experience the Iron Age  Castell Henllys11:0031 March
7712 Foraging Walk  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:3004 April
6559 Stackpole: Adventures in Geo Time  Stackpole Quay13:0005 April
7809 Experience the Iron Age  Castell Henllys11:0006 April
7810 Experience the Iron Age  Castell Henllys11:0007 April
7819 Fighting and Feasting  Castell Henllys11:0008 April
7826 Roman Day  Castell Henllys11:0009 April
7831 Discovery Day  Castell Henllys11:0010 April
7713 Foraging Walk  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:3011 April
7820 Fighting and Feasting  Castell Henllys11:0011 April
6677 Three Quays: Cresswell Quay to Landshipping  Cresswell Quay10:0012 April
7811 Experience the Iron Age  Castell Henllys11:0012 April
7738 Easter Treasure Hunt   Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0013 April
6588 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0013 April
7812 Experience the Iron Age  Castell Henllys11:0013 April
6604 Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3013 April
6530 Castlemartin on Foot  Castlemartin Merrion Camp09:3014 April
7739 Easter Treasure Hunt   Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0014 April
6589 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0014 April
7813 Experience the Iron Age  Castell Henllys11:0014 April
6605 Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3014 April
6590 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0015 April
7740 Easter Treasure Hunt   Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0015 April
7821 Fighting and Feasting  Castell Henllys11:0015 April
6606 Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3015 April
6591 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0016 April
7741 Easter Treasure Hunt   Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0016 April
7827 Roman Day  Castell Henllys11:0016 April
7747 Discover the Easter Hare  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre14:0016 April
6607 Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3016 April
6545 Brilliant Bats at Carew  Carew Castle20:0016 April
6592 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0017 April
7742 Easter Treasure Hunt   Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0017 April
6570 Discover Reptiles  St Annes Head10:0017 April
7830 Discovery Day  Castell Henllys11:0017 April
7748 Discover the Easter Hare  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre14:0017 April
6608 Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3017 April
6562 Footsteps Through Time: Nevern's Early Medieval History  Nevern09:3018 April
7743 Easter Treasure Hunt   Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0018 April
6593 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0018 April
7714 Foraging Walk  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:3018 April
7822 Fighting and Feasting  Castell Henllys11:0018 April
6616 Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0018 April
7749 Discover the Easter Hare  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre14:0018 April
6609 Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3018 April
6594 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0019 April
7744 Easter Treasure Hunt   Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0019 April
6617 Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0019 April
7833 Easter Fun Day  Castell Henllys11:0019 April
7750 Discover the Easter Hare  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre14:0019 April
7745 Easter Treasure Hunt   Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0020 April
6595 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0020 April
7834 Easter Fun Day  Castell Henllys11:0020 April
6618 Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0020 April
6543 Explore the Seashore  Caerfai Beach11:0020 April
6539 Twilight Coastal Path Walk from Treginnis  Lower Treginnis Farm19:3020 April
6571 Castlemartin on Foot  Castlemartin Merrion Camp09:3021 April
7746 Easter Treasure Hunt   Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:0021 April
6624 Have-a-Go: Coracles  Carew Castle10:0021 April
6596 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0021 April
7835 Easter Fun Day  Castell Henllys10:3021 April
6619 Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0021 April
6625 Have-a-Go: Coracles  Carew Castle10:0022 April
6597 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0022 April
6627 Fabulous Falcons with West Wales Falconry  Carew Castle11:0022 April
6620 Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0022 April
7823 Fighting and Feasting  Castell Henllys11:0022 April
6546 Brilliant Bats at the Bishop's Palace  Bishop's Palace, St. Davids19:3022 April
6626 Have-a-Go: Coracles  Carew Castle10:0023 April
6598 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0023 April
6621 Have-a-go Archery  Carew Castle11:0023 April
7828 Roman Day  Castell Henllys11:0023 April
7751 Discover Art  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre14:0023 April
6599 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0024 April
7829 Discovery Day  Castell Henllys11:0024 April
6565 Reading the Landscape: A Journey Through Time  St Davids Head13:1524 April
6553 Wildflower Walk  Freshwater East NP Car Park14:0024 April
6610 Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3024 April
6600 Easter Bunny Trail  Carew Castle10:0025 April
7715 Foraging Walk  Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre10:3025 April
7824 Fighting and Feasting  Castell Henllys11:0025 April
7825 Experience the Iron Age  Castell Henllys11:0025 April
6611 Horrid Histories   Carew Castle14:3025 April