Audit and Corporate Services Review Committee

06/11/2019 @ 10:00 - National Park Offices

1. To receive apologies for absence
2. To receive any disclosures of interest by Members or Officers in respect of any item of business
3. To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on the 10 July 2019
4. To receive the report of the meeting of the Health and Safety Group held on 11 July 2019
5. To consider the following reports
15/19 Internal Audit Report 2019/20
The report presents the outcome of work completed against the Block 1 of the 2019/20 operational audit plan previously approved by the Authority’s Audit and Corporate Services Review Committee.

16/19 Improvement Plan Certificate
Receipt by the Authority of the Improvement Plan Certificate from the Wales Audit Office is reported.

17/19 Well Being Objectives 2017/18 Self Reflection Feedback For Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority from Future Generations Commissioner for Wales
The Authority has received feedback on our self-reflection toolkit submission to the Future Generations Commissioner and been advised by the Future Generations Commissioner to feed it back to an appropriate Board level, in our case to our Members.

18/19 Performance Report for the period ending 30 September 2019
This report considers performance against the objectives set out in the Corporate Plan for the period ending 30 September 2019.

19/19 Budget Performance Report for the 6 Months to September 2019
This report presents budgetary performance information for the period to September 2019

20/19 Adopting Visitor Safety Principles at PCNPA
The report sets out the Authorities approach to Visitor Safety, outlining the key principles now embedded in its Health and Safety Policy.

21/19 Risk Register
Members are asked to consider the latest Risk Register

6. To delegate any issues of concern to the Continuous Improvement Group for consideration